System Firmware

Beta release of wireless upgrade utility (Windows only)

Most of you will never want to mess with the firmware, but if you decide to do so at your own risk then read the following carefully:

(a) Email or call Mats Selen ( and ask if there is a simpler way to achieve what you want to do without any reprogramming. If not...

(b) View a YouTube video explaining what the device firmware does. This will also show you how to check which firmware versions are in your own device (probably 0x100 or 0x103 for the Dongle Radio micro-controller; 0x100 or 0x103 for the Remote Radio micro-controller; and 0x110 for the Remote Sensor micro-controller.)

(c) If you still want to proceed, view this YouTube video showing how to do wireless reprogramming the Remote Sensor firmware. Do not attempt to reprogram the Dongle or Remote Radio firmware, and be aware that the wireless reprogramming process of the Remote Sensor firmware is not fool-proof and may result in your IOLab device becoming unresponsive. If this happens it will need to be reprogrammed using a hardware device and a cable.

The last part of this video shows how to replace a configuration file so that the IOLab software will be aware of any new configurations implemented by the firmware. As of IOLab application version 1.72.1546 this procedure has been simplified. All you need to do now is copy the config.json file included in the firmware distribution below into the IOLab-Workfiles folder. If any of this is unclear just email me at

(d) If you still want to proceed you can get the latest Windows based wireless firmware reprogramming utility along with any new (beta) remote sensor firmware releases by downloading the zip flie linked below. This contains the folder referred to in the above video. It will be updated from time to time as new firmware features are developed.

Note 1: Before doing a wireless firmware update of your remote make sure it has fresh batteries (reading at least 2.95 V when you run the IOLab application).

Note 2: After the wireless firmware update finishes you should remove and reinstall the batteries in the remote to make sure that the sensor microprocessor restarts properly. If you don't do this your remote may be unresponsive.

Note 3: You should run the latest version of the IOLab software application.

Note 4: If you have any problems or questions, or if you have firmware or software requests, then please contact Mats Selen at for help. (i.e. Please don't contact about things like this.)