Exploring the Lesson Player

The IOLab lesson player provides a mechanism for delivering step-by-step hands-on lessons to students online, saving their data and their responses to questions as an online lab report that can be graded by their instructor.

An example lesson has been created to help you explore the capabilities of the lesson player. If you want to give this a try, please follow these steps:

1) Download the latest IOLab application from the Application page . You should be using version 1.53.1327 or higher.

2) If you have already run any version of the IOLab application on your computer, there should be a folder called IOLab-Workfiles in your Documents folder (same on Mac and PC). If you haven't already run the IOLab application, this would be a good time to do so (see the instructions on the Applicaion page.)

3) Download the activities.zip file containing the example lesson content and player documentation.

4) The activities.zip file contains a folder called activities, which should be copied to the IOLab-Workfiles folder discussed above. If the the IOLab-Workfiles folder already contains an activities folder, you can just copy over the contents of the activities folder.

5) Start up the IOLab application and select the Resource Manager button . This will bring up the Resource Manager page, on which you should select the Lesson list tab:

6) There should be two lesson files listed (plus any others you may have created already). One of these is called IOLab-documentation.html, and contains documentation about the player that you can refer to later. The other is called Demo.html, which is the one you should click on now.